Thursday, March 18, 2010

“The writing on the wall” – The World of Face book

I was just scanning an article which mentioned that millions of children world over gets scolding or punishment for scribbling or writing on the school or house walls. Human beings have this instinct of communicating and this gets a trigger in children just by the sight of an empty wall to the displeasure of their elders who are keen to maintain the walls bright and clean.

The creations of ancient poets, artists were also carved in stones used in forts, temples and other structures of importance for the obvious reason that walls serves as huge canvass, have endurance and lasting visibility to audiences of several generations. The origin of the phrase”writing on the wall “is also reportedly attributed to the supernatural writings on the walls of Palace of Babylon which appeared for predicting future.

Gone are the days! And we just do not like to read “the writings on the wall” anymore, more so if the wall belongs to us .We get terribly upset and agitated by this creative trespassing.

But please hold on. Look and behold! There is another world coexisting with our world and that is the World of FACE BOOK.
The inhabitants of this world are a completely transformed lot. They invite and welcome others to write on their walls and feel happy, cheerful & obliged. So please do not suppress your creative instincts .Please come, you are welcome to write anything on my wall .

Long live The world of Facebook

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