Saturday, March 20, 2010

Doing Nothing - Om Prakash Nautiyal

One is often confronted with the question: “what are you doing these days?” if you say that you are doing nothing. They look shocked as if doing nothing is a simple task. Some even dare to continue their quizzing, “How do you pass your time then ”. They tend to make you believe that time waits for you for its time passing , and the time will stand frozen if you do not let it pass. Had this been so every individual might have his/her own time zone. They probably are confused with the theory of relativity (they might not have dared to try it when the question on relativity was asked in their examination.) and treat time as fourth dimension whose origin is different for different persons. They do not seem to believe that time and tide and tide wait for none.

I have experienced that doing nothing is the most challenging task for it is simply impossible to have a time frame to finish it .If you do something , you may probably have a schedule but to work timelessly without a schedule makes doing nothing such an Herculean task that people often tend to engage them in useless activities and are rather scared from the thought of doing nothing and think that it is probably impossible for them to cope up to this challenge .One more discouraging factor for them may be that they think if they tirelessly engage themselves in doing nothing they may not get time to relax after doing nothing .The very thought is scary . For a wise man has said that the most satisfying thing in life is: “To do nothing and take rest afterwards”

All this daunt them to no limit to keep them away from doing nothing and they start believing that doing nothing is impossible. They forget that there have been great people in this world whose deeds continue to inspire and motivate us and they have simply discarded this theory that doing nothing is impossible. They have stood up against all odds and experienced the fruits of doing nothing. It is only a matter of mustering enough courage and making a start for doing nothing and one is bound to succeed. I reproduce below the golden words of a great non doer

“Who says nothing is impossible, I have been doing nothing for years ”


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