Thursday, April 29, 2010

OM's Law on Earnings of a Cricket Match

(In lighter vein)  --O. P. Nautiyal

The amount of money earned in a Cricket match is inversely proportional to the total numbers of overs in the match.

The earnings have been found to be sky rocketing as we have reached the shorter 20-20 version of the game from five day tests en-route 50 overs ODIs . The earnings may further multiply many times if we can reduce the match overs to only one super over , sand witched between dances of cheer girls , ramp walks by Cricketers , film stars ,models and other entertaining stuff for which the cricket without the bat and ball is known of.

It can easily be derived with the help of modern theory of economics, and higher mathematics that revenue earned in the match will be infinite if the overs bowled are zero but then many of our cricket experts may say , “Oh! That is not Cricket.” It is ,therefore, imperative that we pretend to keep our love for cricket at the forefront and organize cricket matches with some flavour of cricket in it and not try to reduce the Cricket match overs any further from the level of one super over per match .Any further change in match format may also adversely affect fast growing popularity of Cricket in the World.

They tell us that the successful staging of IPL3 has given a big boost to the popularity of Cricket world over and now the number of Nations playing competitive cricket has exceeded ten , Afghanistan being the latest addition. The popularity index in terms of Cricket playing Nations at present is 0.05.Let us make efforts to achieve the target that it gets doubled in the next ten years

.May be there is need to have coaching camps for the cheer girls and modernize dances.

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