Tuesday, April 29, 2008

How to kill an Association

I am reproducing below excerpts from an amusing article "How to kill an association" written by James Bosco for "Mini Badge" Magazine NY . We may see reflections of such personalities in ourselves or in other persons as members of some or the other associations.

How to Kill an Association

--Don't participate beyond paying your dues "let them handle things"--attitude. Then complain that members have no voice in management.

--Decline all officers and committee appointments-you're too busy. Then offer vociferous advise on how they should do things.

--If appointed to a committee, don't work - "it's a courtesy appointment." Then complain because the organization has stagnated.

--Don't attend any of the activities planned. Then complain that nothing is provided for you.

--If you attend meetings, don't initiate new ideas. Then play devil's advocate to those submitted by others.

--Don't rush to pay your dues - they're too high anyway. Then complain about poor financial management.

--Don't encourage others to become members - that's selling. Then complain that membership is not growing.

--Don't read mail from the association - it's not important. Then complain that you're never informed.

--Don't volunteer your talents - that's ego fulfillment. Then complain that you're never asked and never appreciated.

--And, if by chance, the organization grows in spite of your contributions, grasp every opportunity to tell the youngsters how tough it was and how hard you worked in the old days to bring the organization to its present level of success

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